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10 Best things to do in Agra

Things to do in Agra

things to do in agra

Agra a city which is world famous because of the majestic Taj mahal and there any many things to do in agra and in this page you will find the best things to see in agra india. Tourist all around the world looking forward to visit this city and have a question in mind about what to see in agra and things to in agra beside taj mahal so this page will give you a complete detail about things to do in agra.

1. Taj mahal

things to do in agra

The first things comes in our mind when we talk about things to do in agra is Taj mahal, a visit to agra can not be complete without visiting the taj mahal which is now World Unesco Heritage site and one of the wonders in the world.

Taj mahal is a white building made of White marble of macrana built in 1653 by Mughal emperor shah jahan in loving memory of his wife mumtaj mahal. There are many visitors you can see inside the taj mahal who comes across all over the world. You will love visiting taj mahal hence this comes in 1st number in what to see in agra.

2. Red fort

things to do in agra

The Next best thing to see in agra is Red fort which is built up of Red sand stone and it is very huge. You will find lovely gardens and Palaces inside which are under supervision of Archeological survey of India. It is open for the tourist and it never close for tourist. After the taj mahal this is second most visited place in agra

3. Mehtab Bagh

things to do in agra

If you are a lover of gardens and wants to enjoy the sunset then this location also comes in our list of Things to do in Agra Beside taj mahal , Mehtab bagh is perfect location for viewing taj mahal from the rear side, mostly the tourist visit this place during sunset time because taj mahal changes its color by the change of light so you can also take some wonderful photos of taj mahal and the garden will make you more relax.

4. Itimad- ud- Daulah

things to do in agra

This is a white building made up of different stones but majorly from whitel marble. Constructed by Noor jahan in loving memory of her father. This tomb is perfect example of Persian architecture. There are lovely gardens all around the Tomb and a beautiful river is flowing behind it.

5. Sadar bazar

things to do in agra

Visiting any city never completes is shopping is not done therefore all the shopping lovers can visit the famous sadar bazar of agra situated in the cantonment Area almost 8 km away from the taj mahal. This is also things to do in agra for shopping purpose. You can also some snack here.

6. Kinari Bazar

things to do in agra

Situated near the Agra fort infect behind the agra fort, constructed by mugal emperor Akbar for trading and other purpose. The narrow lanes will blow your mind. You will find thousands of people roaming around and doing shopping from the shops, basically it is famous for spices and cloths. Many tour companies offers Heritage walks here

7. Chat gali

things to do in agra

Chat is famous term widely used in india for snaks, Indians do eat lot of fried and spicy things which tastes and smell wonderful and you also can also taste some famous north indian snacks like Gol gappas, Bhalla, Dahi Wada etc.

Enjoy delicious snacks and you can also try Mama Franky house which is famous for its Chicken egg rolls which is mouth watery.

8. Marble Inlay work

things to do in agra

Taj mahal has brought many things with itself and major thing which is connected with taj mahal is Marble inlay work. There are plenty of marble inlay shops where you can see a wonderful demonstration of marble inlay work which is done by the decedents of the artisans who had worked in taj mahal. You can buy some souvenir of marble from these shops as well.

9. Carpet weavings shops

things to do in agra

Apart from marble and things Persian carpet is also famous in agra which is also done by the famous artisans of agra. You can get some hand knotted carpets for yourself at better cost you can bargain as well.

10. Zardozi art ( Embroidery art)

things to do in agra

If you want some authentic stuff to decorate you house then you see this wonder full art called Zardozi which was originated by Shamsuddin who also had received the Award from the president of india for introducing this art in agra. This art is done by hand by the help of a needle and a thread of gold.