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Agra history

History of agra

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Agra words came from the book of maharbhart where they depicted agra as Agravan meaning the land of forest. Schollars believe that agra was founded nearly in 1504 by sikandar lodhi and later on his successor Ibrahim lodhi took the throne and ruled in agra city. The city was popular since mahabhart time and its has its deep root from the related cities like Mathura and Bateshwar where the hindu goddess once resided.

The Agra history is popular because the Mughals and English also ruled this city. When first Mughal emperor stepped to this land then this city came in limelight and became more famous then the other city because Mughals had made this city as their capital city.

If you study the historical background of agra city then you will find that the city had different names such as Akbarabad, Shahjanabad during the times of Mughals. Babur was a great Mughal emperor during his reign he gave this city a wonderful Garden near the bank of the river Yamuna called Aram bagh later it turned to Ram bagh.

Shahjahan built the famous Taj mahal in 1631-1653 and from there everyone has a eye on agra. The Mughals actually has given a rich heritage properties to this city like taj mahal, Agra fort, Mehtab bagh garden, Itimad ud daulah and fathehpur sikri. Because of these monumets a large number of tourist footfall can be seen in this city.

Later on the city was under control of British empire and they had given Railways, Post office, Telegram services etc. During the british period a military establishment was also done and you can see their Churches, and Cemeteries. Many churches was built like st mary’s church, Immaculate of mother mary conception In Wazir pura. All these buildings and other things gives a complete detail of agra history information.