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Agra is a city of love and it is a world famous city because of taj mahal and other major attractions of mughals. Agra is also know for the capital city of mughals when they came to this city this city has got its fame in the map of the world. Agra city was establish majorly by mughals but this city has long past history. The city attracts millions of visitor every year and the tourism industry get flourish because of tourist. 

Apart from the Tourist attraction the city has many other things to explore like the bazars, handicraft stores and the colonial buildings built during the British period. There are plenty of religion can be traced but the major followers are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jains and sikh. The city has plenty of narrow lanes and has many historical buildings which are not so famous then the other buildings.

India agra city is under developing and it is a small city which has tremendous potential of attracting tourist from all over the globe. The city is situated in Uttar pradesh which is a largest state of india and it almost 200 km away from the Capital city of india Delhi. The city is also famous for its special sweet called Petha and Dalmoth which will bring water in your mouth. The agra city doesn’t has too much of pollution nor population infect you will love to rome on the roads of agra in a clean and healthy weather. 


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